Author: tyds83

There’s a Sturmwind coming…

We are so excited that Duranik’s Dreamcast hit is re-releasing! Not only that, we’re an official US distributor! The game will be the same, but will feature a new cover. This is a great title to add to your collection or to play for the first time! Why pay eBay!? Pre-orders will take place today at 12:00..

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Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

The Sega Dreamcast turns 17 today! Have a fun Dreamcast memory, go to our Twitter or Facebook or comment on this blog and share. Who would’ve thought a console that was supposed to be gone in 2001 or so would continue to bring us awesome games to this day! Also, I’d like to give another..

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Big thanks…

I’d like to extend my thanks to the Dreamcast-Talk forum for featuring us in their news block. Our hope here at The Bit Station is to bring the community togehter, and I’m glad to see of their support. If any of you guys just want to talk to others who loves the Dreamcast (or just want..

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