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Sturmwind is a shmup in the tradition of old arcade games. If it moves – shoot it. The game tries to take advantage of every bit of the Dreamcast hardware and supports a wide range of effects. You can play the normal mode with all 16 levels or the arcade mode with only 6 levels and no continues. In normal mode your progress will be saved with every finished level.

The game is designed for all Dreamcast fans, it is no hardcore maniac or score shooter. Even average players are able to see more than the first level. There is a good bit of memorization involved as with most of this type of games but that is part of the fun.


*16 Levels *3 Electable difficulty levels *Configurable controls
*Adjustable screen position *Different selectable weapons *More than 20 large bosses
*Hundreds of different enemies *FMV intro sequence *Hybrid 2D/3D game engine
*Resolution 640×480 *PAL50, PAL60, NTSC and VGA *Region free


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