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Welcome to Feet of Fury, where Cryptic Allusion has taken the idea of a “dance game” one step further! Play songs from various genres using one of nine selectable characters, and battle it out against other players for dance dominance! If dancing on pads isn’t your thing, grab a controller or even a keyboard and play that way! Feet of Fury is the game that started independent Dreamcast development, and it still rocks today!

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NOTE: Feet of Fury, © 2003-2016. Developed by Cryptic Allusion. Feet of Fury was published by GOAT Store Publishing (The GOAT Store, LLC). Feet of Fury is not licensed, sponsored, produced or endorsed by SEGA corporation. Mega-CD, Sega CD, Mega Drive, Genesis, Dreamcast are trademarks of SEGA corporation. All Cryptic Allusion related properties used by The Bit Station are used with permission from The GOAT Store, LLC.

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