Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders (Dreamcast)


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“In the year 2042, a socialist government is in power, but nobody had foreseen progressive dictatorship that settled in. The elites of the government hid behind a sham democracy, disconnected from the life the people were leading, and acted solely in their own interests….”

You play Shun, a computer engineer and member of the Truth Defenders coalition, but you are captured by the regime and thrown into prison. With your expertise in security systems, you might’ve found a way to escape, but you must find your way through the maze of the high security prison! Will you be able to escape from the clutches of the prison? What lies beyond the prison?

Discover a 2D pixel art platform game, fast and fluent, which includes 2 mini-games and a SpeedRun mode! The game takes place in three different environments and is interspersed with 2 mini-games, including a reversed “Shoot’em Up” and an original rappelling game! Avoid the security cameras, collect grenades to get rid of your enemies, exercise your working memory by hacking the computers of the prison to unlock the doors or to disactivate the safety systems.

Don’t have a Sega Dreamcast, but own a Sega CD? With the Genesis version of the game, you can have enhanced audio when placing the Dreamcast version in your CD drive with your copy of the Genesis game. You can find the Genesis version here!

Languages in: English / Français / Español / 日本語

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