Why can I only buy 1 copy of certain games?

For certain games, the publisher/developer only prints a limited number of copies. Because we want everyone to enjoy these games, we need to make sure we have some type of “crowd control” in place. This means that with some games, customers can only order one (1) copy of the game per customer, per address (billing and shipping). If we detect that more than one copy of the game is being sent to the same customer or address, we will cancel your order and refund your money. You will then have to go through the ordering process again, following these rules. If a customer is caught doing this more than once, they can be temporary or permanently banned from using the store.

By presetting the limits, we also protect the publisher/developer from scalpers and such who would attempt to buy up all the available stock and resell them for a much higher price on other websites (like eBay). We apologize for any inconveniences this may create. If you wish to buy larger quantities of a game, please contact the publisher/developer directly.