You heard us correctly! We are super excited to finally make the award winning Dreamcast Indie classic Sturmwind available for general purchase on Monday, February 13th at 12 PM EST. This follows a highly successful pre-order campaign that skyrocketed Sturmwind to be the highest selling title in our website’s history! We are also excited to let people know that after talking with Duranik, we will not be limiting the title to the one copy per household limit we followed during the pre-order period. Instead, we will be adding the title to our normal purchasing guidelines of two copies per household. This is simply to avoid scalpers from taking advantage of our offerings. So if you pre-ordered one copy, but really want another for collecting purposes or to give to a friend, that’s totally cool with us!

News about the Throwback Edition

We’ve had a lot of messages and emails asking us about the status of the “Throwback Edition”. Unfortunately, due to the pre-order delays we also had to delay the “Throwback Edition” release date. The good news is with the extra time the “Throwback Edition” has gotten even more awesome (which we’ll get to below)! Currently, our plans are to make the “Throwback Edition” available for purchase in late February.

More Announcements!?

This gets us to our most exciting announcement! The Bit Station will soon be offering officially licensed Sturmwind t-shirts! These are 100% exclusive to our website and will only be available for a limited time. These shirts are being manufactured here in Asheville, NC, by a highly reputable apparel company under our direct supervision. All “Throwback Editions” will now include one of these shirts by default. If you’re not interested in the “Throwback Edition”, or you missed your chance to get one, don’t worry! Pre-orders for the t-shirts, by themselves, will go live on the same day as the “Throwback Editions”.

Official Stickers!!

In case you missed it during the pre-order period, the exclusive Sturmwind stickers will still be included with all Sturmwind purchases while supplies last. Once these are gone, they are gone. We are the only place to get your hands on these, so don’t delay


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