What is a “Retro Indie” and why is our company motto “Gaming Inverted”?

A retro indie is gaming inverted, a reversal of the idea that new games should only be made for the newest and most powerful modern hardware. They are a reboot to game development for systems that the mainstream has deemed “dead or outdated”. Simply put, they are newly developed video games for retro consoles that are physically produced for the goal of selling them commercially. These games are the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work by individuals and indie companies rebuilding what the mainstream threw out. They are not hacks, mods, or reproductions. They are original games designed to revive the nostalgic feeling of putting a brand new physical game into your favorite classic console. Most of all, they are not just some “homebrew”, rather they have evolved past that term and idea into their own industry and development scene made up of passionate indie companies all over the world. Are you ready to join us and become part of gaming inverted?