Well, as 2016 has now come to a close, we look back on what we hope to be only the beginning of a very long and prosperous career in retro indie games. The Bit Station opened its virtual doors in June of 2016, but in only a short time we have accomplished more than we could have ever hoped. Looking forward into 2017, we feel this is going to be a big year for us as a company, as well as the retro indie scene in general! Let’s take a look at some of the awesome new things coming to The Bit Station in 2017!


To start off 2017, we are launching a brand new website that you can now check out. The web address is still the same––but we’ve taken all we’ve learned over our short history and really overhauled our website, fixing and modernizing a lot of the shortcomings and problems we felt plagued the original site. The one thing we will be keeping is the amazing store front portion of our website powered by Ecwid. So don’t worry, just because we’ve launched a new site doesn’t mean you’ll have to sign up for new accounts or anything.


What’s a video game retailer without new games? In late December, we began taking pre-orders for the award winning Dreamcast title, Sturmwind by Duranik. For those that have already placed a pre-order through us, you should receive a status update newsletter within the next few days. For those that haven’t placed an order yet, pre-orders will remain open until January 6th! Following the shipment of all pre-orders, the game will be made available for general retail. In late January, we also plan to launch our “Throwback Edition”! This is our first store exclusive and will only be sold in extremely limited quantities. Why are we making this so limited? We were only able to track down a limited number of brand new plush Krakens originally produced by RedSpotGames! Once these are gone, they are gone!

Moving on, we are also planning on finally re-stocking the amazing NG Dev Team trio of games that sold out of back in September. So keep an eye out through January/February! We expect these to sell out quickly when we do get them back in stock!

In 2016, we saw a plethora of new game announcements for Dreamcast and beyond! In 2017, we expect to see a number of these titles finally hit the shelves (or internet) and we’re ready for them! We can already confirm that we will be stocking one of these games in Q1! Unfortunately, we can’t yet say which one. So stay tuned for further announcements concerning that!

Finally, when we launched back in June of 2016, we wanted to create a “one stop shop” for all retro indie games! In 2017, we continue our mission of making this goal a reality. But were going to need your help! At the bottom of this post is a survey with five systems listed. Let us know which systems you would like to see us start carrying games for!

That’s about it for now, but we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year full of awesome new games!


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