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Quest Forge

Sturmwind - Dreamcast

Sturmwind is a shmup in the tradition of old arcade games. If it moves - shoot it. The game tries to take advantage of every bit of the Dreamcast hardware and supports a wide range of effects. You can play the normal mode with all 16 levels or the arcade mode with only 6 levels and no continues. In normal mode your progress will be saved with every finished level. - Developed/Published by Duranik

Rush Rush Rally Reloaded

Rush Rush Rally Reloaded - Dreamcast

Rush Rush Rally is back! With Rush Rush Rally Reloaded, racers with gasoline in their veins get a big fat racing package that will keep them tide to their console for hours, and that leaves the competition in the dust! - Developed/published by Senile Team.


Wind and Water Puzzle Battles - Dreamcast

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is an Arcade-Action Puzzle Game. But this is not just a simple puzzle game... one of the most extensive, challenging, and complex puzzle games ever: there's an RPG-style Story Mode that takes over 30 hours to beat - Developed by Yuan Works, published by Dragon Box