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For general questions, please send us an email using this app. We won't use your email for any purpose other than to respond back to you. Please put in the subject line what your email is about. If you are inquiring about selling your game on our site, please click here! You can also reach us through our Facebook page or Twitter feed @thebitstation Please allow us 24 - 48 hours to respond! If we don't respond by then, try social media!

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Want to sale with us?

  • Are you a self-published developer and need a platform to sell your awesome new game?
  • Maybe you publish other developer's games and want to increase your exposure?

We are interested in your game(s)! The Bit Station strives for excellence in every part of our operation. This includes the quality and presentation of the games and products we sell. If you are interested in selling with us, please make sure your product meets our strict guidelines by checking our Standards for Selling page to quickly determine if your game meets our high standards. Use this email app to contact us. Please use your prefered email of contact since we will respond to that email. We won't use your email for any purpose other than to respond back to you. We can't wait to hear from you! In your email, please include any applicable information such as company information, phone number, prefered time and method of contact, etc. to help us contact you faster.

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