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E3 2017: Upcoming Retro Indie Games

With E3 2017 wrapping up in Los Angeles, I thought it would be fun to take a look at all the new retro indie games under develop for release in 2017 and beyond. I do want to clarify this list only contains games for systems we support. I’ve probably missed a game or two, so..

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Sturmwind will available Monday, Feb. 13, at 12PM est

You heard us correctly! We are super excited to finally make the award winning Dreamcast Indie classic Sturmwind available for general purchase on Monday, February 13th at 12 PM EST. This follows a highly successful pre-order campaign that skyrocketed Sturmwind to be the highest selling title in our website’s history! We are also excited to let..

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There’s a Sturmwind coming…

We are so excited that Duranik’s Dreamcast hit is re-releasing! Not only that, we’re an official US distributor! The game will be the same, but will feature a new cover. This is a great title to add to your collection or to play for the first time! Why pay eBay!? Pre-orders will take place today at 12:00..

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You Guys Ready for Action Packed Shooters?

I’m so excited about this one! We’re bringing to The Bit Station NG:DEV Team’s award winning games for the Dreamcast! The re-release of Gunlord, Last Hope: Pink Bullets, and Fast Striker are going to be in stock on Friday, August 19, 2016, at 12:00 PM EST! I’m so excited!!!! –Tyler