Thank you! And other updates…

I just want to express my gratitude for the awesome turnout during our first Black Friday Sale. We are excited to see what the future holds for this store, and with your help, we can continue to spread the word of retro indie games and help make it easier to find and obtain these amazing games that..

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Black Friday Deals 2016!

It’s finally that time of year again. Time to stuff your face with Turkey and then risk your life for forty percent off a blender! Only to get home and realize that you don’t ever cook, at all. So skip the crowds and blenders all together and come join us November 24th– 28th here on..

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Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

The Sega Dreamcast turns 17 today! Have a fun Dreamcast memory, go to our Twitter or Facebook or comment on this blog and share. Who would’ve thought a console that was supposed to be gone in 2001 or so would continue to bring us awesome games to this day! Also, I’d like to give another..

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Big thanks…

I’d like to extend my thanks to the Dreamcast-Talk forum for featuring us in their news block. Our hope here at The Bit Station is to bring the community togehter, and I’m glad to see of their support. If any of you guys just want to talk to others who loves the Dreamcast (or just want..

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You Guys Ready for Action Packed Shooters?

I’m so excited about this one! We’re bringing to The Bit Station NG:DEV Team’s award winning games for the Dreamcast! The re-release of Gunlord, Last Hope: Pink Bullets, and Fast Striker are going to be in stock on Friday, August 19, 2016, at 12:00 PM EST! I’m so excited!!!! –Tyler

How’s it going?

A couple announcements I wanted to make for The Bit Station. First, if there are any suggestions for games we should pick-up, please let us know either through here, Twitter (@thebitstation), Facebook (, or through our website under “Contact Us”. We are also going to be creating overview videos of our products on our YouTube..

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