Well here we are again, the time of year where we eat way too much and then voluntarily stand in the freezing cold only to get run over by an old lady in electric shopping kart because we got between her and a discounted food processor. Why not forget the frostbite and attempted homicide and just come join us November 23rd– 27th here at The Bit Station!


This year, deals will go live in two different waves. Here’s the complete breakdown:


Thanksgiving Day deals will consist of cart based games and other various merchandise. Deals go live at 3PM EST!


Official Sturmwind T-shirt                                  REG: $24.99       SALE: $19.99

Escape 2042 (GEN/MD)                                        REG: $57.99       SALE: $49.99

Quest Forge: By Order of Kings (NES)            REG: $40.95       SALE: $29.95

Super 4-in-1 (SNES)                                                REG: $24.95       SALE: $17.95

Waimanu (GBA)                                                       REG: $35.99       SALE: $29.99


Moving on! Black Friday is Dreamcast day at The Bit Station! We’ve got some great deals on some classic independent Dreamcast titles. Deals go live at 12PM EST!


Cool Herders (Dreamcast)                                   REG: $14.95        SALE: $11.95

Irides: Master of Blocks (Dreamcast)              REG: $14.95        SALE: $11.95

Rush Rush Rally Reloaded (Dreamcast)         REG: $32.99       SALE: $27.99


Also, don’t forget that on Black Friday we will be putting up our remaining inventory of Dreamcastnoid for $19.99 per copy This will be your last chance to get your hands on this unique and limited little Dreamcast release. We only have a small handful left so we don’t expect them to last long! And finally, all orders over $125 will automatically receive $10 off.


(Prices are guaranteed while supplies last, sale runs 3:00PM, November 23rd– 27th at 11:59PM PST)