It’s finally that time of year again. Time to stuff your face with Turkey and then risk your life for forty percent off a blender! Only to get home and realize that you don’t ever cook, at all. So skip the crowds and blenders all together and come join us November 24th– 28th here on The Bit Station! We’ve got some great prices planned on some great Retro Indies! Here’s a preview of what to expect:

First off, all stocked Piko Interactive games in will be 20%-30% off!

Anguna: The Warriors of Virtue (GBA)    REG. $39.95           SALE: $24.95

Quest Forge: By Order of Kings (NES)      REG: $49.95           SALE: $34.96

Super 4 in 1 Multicart (SNES)                      REG: $24.95           SALE: $19.96

Moving on to the Dreamcast! Sadly, a few weeks ago we had a shipment of Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles arrive that had been used in a game of soccer (football for those outside North America) by the shipping company. The good news is that our loss is your gain! We will be listing these slightly cosmetically damaged copies at a discount while supplies last!

 Cosmetically Damaged Copies of Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast)      

REG: $9.95       SALE: $6.99

Finally, since summer is long gone for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, why not take a virtual vacation to a tropical island on you Dreamcast!

 Elansar & Philia (Dreamcast)             REG: $29.95         SALE: $26.99

That’s almost half of our current catalog on sale!!!!!! So join us November 24th – 28th to grab these great deals for yourself!

(Sale begins at 1 PM EST on the 24th)