What is The Bit Station? We are an independent game provider that finds and curates a combination of the best independent games in the community. We here at The Bit Station aim to provide you with the best the independent community has to offer all in one place. We also want to be a place to discover new indies for your retro consoles. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for retro indie games while being accessible to developers of all sizes and from all over the world. If you’re an independent game developer and need a medium to get your game out there, please contact us and let us know. Learn more about the guys behind The Bit Station below!

The Bit Station Guys

Robert M. Wyatt

Co-Founder, Manager, Correspondent

Robert M. Wyatt is the co-founder and general business manager of The Bit Station. A graduate of the Liberty University School of Business, Robert has over 6 years experience in the management field. His first exposure to gaming came at a young age through the family NES and Genesis. It wasn’t until his college years though that his love of gaming was rekindled and he started game collecting. It was through collecting that Robert first discovered retro indie games and his fascination with them lead him to suggest founding a business surround around them.

Tyler Strickland

Co-Founder, Website designer/developer, Web and Store Admin

Tyler Strickland designed, built, and manages The Bit Station’s website. A graduate from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, his specialties include server-side and client-side web development as well as game development. Tyler also takes interest in video production and editing. A long-term gamer, Tyler loves the 90’s era games, as well as modern masterpieces. In recent years, Tyler has taken a particular interest in independent gaming for both retro and modern consoles, with the hope to one day make his own.